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These are the best dog leashes you'll ever find! Xtreme Leashes are the most innovative and animal-friendly dog leashes ever made. Our dog leashes give you an increased level of comfort, control and safety when walking or training your pet. Xtreme Leashes have a comfortable, padded handle that cannot collapse on your hand or get wrapped around your wrist. All leashes come with high-quality quick snaps and reflective strips for your dog's night-time safety and there is a wide range of colors and options to choose from. .

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Shock absorbent leash saves you and your dog!

What makes the Xtreme Leash unique is the incorporation of an internal, high quality shock cord that allows the leash to stretch approximately 10” before becoming fully extended. This stretchability makes the leash more user-friendly and much less likely to cause injury to the dog and handler than a conventional fixed length leash.

When a dog forges ahead and reaches the end of a fixed length leash there is often times a sudden jerk which places excessive pressure on the dog's windpipe and spine, and on the handlers arm and shoulder. With a stretchable leash the dog encounters increasing resistance which gives it advance warning that it is about to come to the end of the leash. The dog quickly learns when it’s time to “back off” prior to reaching the end of the leash. This eliminates the constant jerking that is so often associated with walking a dog. Not only is this more comfortable for the handler it is much healthier for the dog.

If you walk your dog regularly and have a tough time, if you have ever wished there was an easier way, if you've just gotten a very "perky" pup who tugs and pulls a lot, then our Xtreme Dog Leashes are for you!

“This leash is WONDERFUL! I've recently developed tendonitis in my shoulder, so being dragged by my Staffordshire Bull Terrier was becoming painful. Now I can relax and enjoy our walks, instead of constantly snapping the leash to try to get him to walk nice! People (at the vet's office, Petco, etc.) notice the distinct look of the leash, and ask me about it, and I am always happy to tell them how great it is.”
—S Adams, Portland, OR More Testimonials

"Picture of Enzo, the Flemish Giant rabbit in his Xtreme Comfort Harness and Standard Leash Jr Bungee - works wonderfully, we bought it last Sunday at the Seattle dog show- and sure enjoy it. Thanks, Judy"

Comfort Grip Handle saves your wrist!

All Xtreme Leashes have a comfortable, padded handle that cannot collapse on your hand or get wrapped around your wrist. Our Comfort Grip Handle works together with our Shock Absorbent Leashes to give you and your pet the ultimate in pain-free daily walks!

I received my Security Leash in the mail yesterday. What an awesome leash! I have an 75lb Airedale who is full of enthusiasm and loves to drag me along. We put on his new leash and went for a stroll. It works great. My arm does not get jerked out of the socket and he pulls forward and kind of just springs back. Very cool. Thanks so much for a great product and quick service.
- C Lether

New product: Super Coupler

This leash will make walking two dogs at once so much easier for you and your dogs. The built-in swivel means no tangling of leashes. You'll love it!

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Video: See our dog leash in action!

Search Dogs use Xtreme Leashes!

Search Dogs use Xtreme Sport Leashes!
The San Bernardino Sheriff's Department Search
Dog Team uses Xtreme Dog Leashes!

Durable heavy-duty hardware!

Our leashes and hardware are quality designed with quality materials. We stand behind our products and guarantee your satisfaction with every order. Pet Frolic Boutique promises to deliver high-quality products, in good condition, to your door. If, for any reason, your shipment is not satisfactory, we will gladly replace it or refund your money (excluding delivery charges).

Hi, I'm truly impressed by your customer service policy. The new leash arrived and I'm looking forward to using it.
- K Arruda Lakeside, OR

Xtreme Comfort Harness!

This is Gracie and her master Alania with her new Xtreme Comfort Harness and Standard Leash Jr Bungee. Great combo for the little ones under 20 lbs.


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