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I received my double and single leashes today in the mail and I am absolutely stunned... What a product. The difference in the enjoyment level and ease of the walk was night and day compared to my previous make-shift leash. I'm not sure who enjoyed the walk more, my wife and me, or our three Siberian huskies. Bottom line - These leashes are absolute winners... Thank you for a superb product.

Donald M

We just purchased your "Walk Two Dogs Super Coupler" at the Evergreen Fair today and I insisted on walking them again this afternoon to try it out and - WOW! - two thumbs up!!! Way up! We were the ones who had a boy and girl Basset Hounds and we bought the black and silver cord - I can't imagine going back now to leashes. I can actually carry a cup of coffee with me on our walk now and not be fighting two dogs to have a sip! Not to mention that my hands, once squeezed and cramped from two leashes, had no side effects from the very comfortable handle! I just had to get in touch and share with you how happy we are with our ONLY purchase at the Fair - very well worth it's price!

This will be my new favorite gift to give! You should get on Facebook - I would love to share this with others!

Thank you! Megan Lockhart

I just had to write and tell you how wonderful this product is. I initially ordered this for the no tangle option. I did have my doubts about the ease of use with the handle and the assurance of the dogs not pulling. Boy was I wrong on those last two and even more pleased with the first one. I have a small home based boarding/daycare business. I can't believe how easy this makes walking the dogs. Usually going to the dog park was a challenge. All bets are off with regards to heeling when the dogs know they are going to the park. There was NO pulling, absolutely none. Thank you so much! I will be ordering more soon. The only thing I would change would be to have extra arms so I can leash up more than 4 dogs with these wonderful leashes.Thank you again.

Deborah McFall
Rainbow Bridge

Good Morning,
I had to take a moment this morning and send this e-mail regarding your customer service. I have over the course of my lifetime deal with many company's. I have until having dealt with your's never had the pleasure of dealing with such a customer oriented, customer friendly company in my life. Like I explained at the Home Show in Fresno this weekend my wife and I travel through out the year in our travel trailer with our 2 Labs. We purchased 2 leashes and 2 no pull harnesses last year at the show. You evaluated our feedback and determined that maybe her harness was to small and replaced mind you after a year with no cost to me and to top it off replaced the leash with the one I wanted last year with a new one, again after a year. We get asked all the time about our equipment and I am always pleased to tell them where we got it and even more so the customer service that comes with it. There are so many companies that could learn from you, I know how important feedback is but you have taken it far beyond. Lucy seems to be responding to the larger harness more so that she did before. I wish you all the success in the world.

Rod VanDerMeer

I ordered my Super Coupler on Friday afternoon and much to my surprise it arrived today. I want to thank you for your prompt attention and I want to let you know that the Super Coupler Leash is a godsend. I have four greyhounds and could never walk them together and walking two was a twisted mess. Thanks to your products, my walks will now be much easier on my arms and shoulder.

Great Product!
Donna Behringer

We bought the security sport leash with the no-pull training harness for our Border Collie named Travis at the Carlsbad Street Fair. We LOVE our rig! We got Travis from the pound a year ago. He would not walk on a leash, hed just flop down on the ground, planting all fours. The gentleman we bought the rig from felt that this was the best set up for our dog, and it really has been! Travis now walks all over on the leash and we can take him EVERYWHERE with us! The handle is the BEST! It is very unique looking and we get lots of compliments. We are so grateful to have found your products and often recommend them to everyone who asks us about them.
Janice Betian

Last month, at the Rose City Classic, one of your people waylaid me, and made me try one of your leashes. I was impressed, so despite not wanting to spend $40 for a leash (especially since I already had 5 leashes for my one dog!) I decided to by one.

This leash is WONDERFUL! I've recently developed tendonitis in my shoulder, so being dragged by my Staffordshire Bull Terrier was becoming painful. I acquired him as an adult rescue dog, who was obviously never trained not to pull. Now I can relax and enjoy our walks, instead of constantly snapping the leash to try to get him to walk nice! People (at the vet's office, Petco, etc.) notice the distinct look of the leash, and ask me about it, and I am always happy to tell them how great it is- I tell them, "it cost a lot, but it was WORTH it!" sometimes, I let them hold Elmo while I call him, so they can see how good it is. My only regret is not buying it from the website, so I could get the free water bowl. ;-) Thanks!

S Adams
Portland, OR

Hi, I'm truly impressed by your customer service policy. The new leash arrived and I'm looking forward to using it.
K Arruda
Lakeside, OR

I bought one with the addition for a second dog at the street fair in Ventura last Dec. What a great idea! I have sent your website address to several friends. Thanks for making our walk better for all of us.

R. Dennis
Ventura, CA

Hello there, I met you at the Lake Elsinore RV/Boat show. I was the blonde girl that had two aggressive shar-peis. I just wanted to say thank you so much for the wonderful leashes. I have successfully been able to walk my female shar-pei for the first time since she was a pup which means 4 1/2 years. I have spent hundreds of dollars on leash products and thousands on training. Thought training helped tremendously on other issues, walking her is still a habit that could not be broken. If you member correctly, I told you that she runs alongside of me when I roller blade and I use a harness specifically for her so that she can pull without hurting herself. This is something that I have trained her to do and we have been doing it ever since she was small. So that being said, I rarely took her for walks since roller blading is all I ever do. Now that I am pregnant, I really can't stand her pulling on me when I do walk her. I guess it's my fault for never really teaching her to walk. Anyhow, I took her for a walk and for the first time, I walked her. Not to mention I didn't have to wear gloves to protect my fingers from being pinched to death. This is an absolutely wonderful product and I back it up 100%. I am looking forward to buying another harness so that I can walk both of my dogs together. Anyhow, I just wanted to say thanks, you have made a huge difference in my life as well as my dogs. Just to make you laugh, like I said before, I have tried everything and was at my wits end with trying to walk my dog. When I took her out for the first time, I was so shocked I began to laugh. A couple of my neighbors were outside washing their cars and they saw me walking my dog all by myself and were probably wondering what was so funny. I was laughing so hard that I was buckled over crying. Two things that made me laugh. Number one was the fact that I was walking my dog and two because my dog did not know what to make of this contraption that prevented her from pulling. Every time she would pull, the bungee would recoil and she would stop and sit like she was trained because she thought I was giving her a command to sit. It was hilarious. guess you had to have been there. PS. Let me know if you need any distributors or references. I'd love to endorse this wonderful product
Thanks a Million

D. Isaabel
Moreno Valley, CA

Your dog leash turned the 'walk from hell' into the 'walk from heaven' Thanks!

Janet B.

What nice people you are with whom to do business! When we ordered a Sport Leash for our pug and it came with too heavy a quick snap you were so quick to respond with a custom made one with a much lighter weight snap. Now our Winston will not have his little neck jerked when he runs out of leash. A great innovative product. Thank you.

A Towle
Dover, New Hampshire

I received my security sport leash in the mail yesterday. What an awesome leash! I have an 75lb Airedale who is full of enthusiasm and loves to drag me along. We put on his new leash and went for a stroll. It works great. My arm does not get jerked out of the socket and he pulls forward and kind of just springs back. Very cool. Thanks so much for a great product and quick service.

C Lether

I have a 7 mo old female German shepherd, Reyna, with an abundance of energy. She is very strong.I was getting to the the point of dreading taking her for walks, because of her walking me instead of me walking her! I tried this leash from a local vendor (Fresh Pet Express). At first I thought it was a bit pricey. The kind folks let me walk Reyna around the farmers market. I was AMAZED at the control I had while walking her!!! Definitely worth the cost! I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the product!

Shannon Saltz

I just used the Xtreme Leash to walk 2 dogs and I love it!! Wish I had this years ago. Its so much simpler than using 2 leashes when walking,they are constantly getting tangled up. I bought 2 for my Doggy Day Care and will never use an ordinary leash again! Thanks so much for your product and I hope you never go out of business!!

Maureen Fox
Owner of Doggy Day Care

I just wanted to let you know how much I love the dog leash. It works great for the two dogs. They no longer get tangled and I don't have to plead with the kids to go on a dog walk with me, as I can do it myself. The small and large dog took to it immediately and walk very nicely together. thank you so much, great product! Have a good day.

Mary Tupper

Hi Larry - Thank you for your phone call. Blondie just loves her new harness! And so do I! It's easy on and off and easy to adjust to a perfect fit. She also looks very fashion forward. LOL!

Best, Michelle P.S. Feel free to use my feedback on your testimonials. :)

WOW!! I received my Super Coupler in the mail and couldn't wait to give it a try on my 2 Great Danes. WOW, does this product ever make it a joy to walk big dogs together. No tangling, and easy control. My Danes are both 9 months old and rather rambunctious at a combined weight of 240 lbs. The leash had no problems holding them back and at times I marveled at the fact that I could hold the handle with just one finger. THANK YOU for making such a great product!

Kyle Halverson


We are really loving the harness and leash. The Comfort Harness has been the savior of being able to walk our Lil 2 lb Yorkshire Terrier named Roxi. The leash handle is so comfy. I actually put it on my wrist and can place my hands in pockets. Roxi walks along side me like a PRO now. She is only 3 1/2 months old. Pet Frolic Boutique are GREAT!!!!

Shanneal Tate,
Macomb County, MI


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